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Silliman Beach Eco ...

Silliman Beach Eco Park  


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28/02/2018 11:15 am  

When I read about an MoA between  The City and Silliman University on the idea of converting the only remaining beach along the coast of Dumaguete into and Eco Park, I told myself wow, what a noble idea. I have been toiling about a plan on how to develop and more importantly preserve such an beautiful place with lots and lots of memories to cherished not only to the Bantayan Beach folks and the City as a whole, but also to those who came to City to study.  Growing up by the beach, I saw the vibrant beach frequented by so many including those days where City leaders, prominent personalities have their morning social while they enjoyed swimming, jogging or merely having a conversation. I have seen swimming classes held by the beach when the Silliman swimming pool was not yet conceived. I have also seen the gradual transformation into what it is now today. The beaches were natural eco parks until the natural cycle of beach erosion and replenishment was disrupted. Thanks to developments and leaders whom were ill advice on environmental impacts. This is almost irreversible and we can only look for ideas to improved. Whenever I take some break from work, I always end up with sketches on how I wanted to convert these into  "The Beach Park". I am also well aware that this is the only place where the local fisherman could dock their sakayans safely, which spawn and ongoing issue between the University and the Sakayan owners. Whether they have the right to dock there or not, it is also equally important that we do not just ran over these people. There are still pockets of local fishermen thriving along the waterfront where their only means of livelihood is local fishing. These people are near and dear to my heart as I was one of them. In my opinion, while it is a noble idea to convert this place into an Eco Park, the first thing that has to happen is to relocate their docking place, and the big question is where? The only thing i can come up with is to build an extension pier where Rovira Rd ends, towards the ocean with platforms on both sides where there can safely dock their sakayans, like a marina. This idea certainly needs massive funding and this is where I usually get stuck in the how much and where will it come from or who. I am still searching.....dreaming.....hoping that one day this will come to fruition. 

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28/02/2018 12:21 pm  

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the news topic "City eyes Silliman Beach eco-park".

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28/02/2018 12:40 pm  

You should share your idea sketches here.... 🙂

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01/03/2018 7:50 am  

Bitaw sir... share your sketches dri para makita pud mi. 🙂


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