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This article is the second of a two part article which looks at the fantastic career of Best Mate [url=]Jonathan Schoop Jersey[/url] , arguably one of the best ever National Hunt race horses ever.

You may remember that Part One of this article ended by looking at Best Mate s record of 14 wins from 22 starts, as well as an amazing seven second placed finishes.

The only ever time that Best Mate did not finish first or second in a race was in his last race, and this was a sad occasion for everyone involved in horse racing.

Tragedy For Best Mate

Well, the 22nd race of his career is one that I would rather forget (along with all of the horse racing loving public) as it was the race where unfortunately Best Mate lost his life.

The only consolation is that he died doing something that he loved, and it showed the bravery of the horse.

He was known to have had a big heart, being a generous horse and always giving 100 per cent. The tragedy happened at Exeter racecourse on 1 November 2005 [url=]Cal Ripken Jersey[/url] , during the running of the William Hill Haldon Gold Cup race.

Jockey Paul Carberry knew part of the way around the course that the horse was not quite right, and as a precaution pulled the horse up (withdrew from the race). However, in negotiating a way to get off the race track, Best Mate collapsed and though vets fought as hard as they could to revive him, he died moments later.

A True Star

But in the end he went doing what he enjoyed and what he did best. It is a sad reality that we all have to go sometime, but right to very end he did what he did so very well.

A measure of how much he is respected in the horse racing fraternity is the fact that he has a bronze statue of him at Cheltenham racecourse [url=]Brooks Robinson Jersey[/url] , where his 3 consecutive victories in the Gold Cup are an achievement that may never happen again in my lifetime. He was also voted in to Cheltenham s elite 12 Hall of Fame, another appropriate accolade that this horse fully deserved for his achievements.

Indeed, his ashes are also scattered at the winning post of the same racecourse, and were done so at the request of owner Jim Lewis. The ceremony was held on December 10 2005, even though Lewis wife had tragically died not two days before that, after a seven month battle against cancer.

The Legend Lives On

And so the legend of Best Mate lives on [url=]Wholesale Baltimore Orioles Jerseys[/url] , with his ashes and the statue standing as majestically as he did at the winning post at Cheltenham. In fact, Best Mate has a brother who is still running.

He is called Cornish Rebel and is right out of the Best Mate mould, a talented horse with a bright future ahead.
I ve never felt so attached to a horse, nor a shocked to hear the news of his passing. But he truly was a great horse and his spirit will live long in the heart, even though we will not see him grace the race track again.

I write a lot about my interest in horses and some would even call me a horse racing expert, but I m really a big fan of the sport and very passionate about it [url=]Wholesale Orioles Jerseys[/url] , so I m not sure if that classes me as an expert.

Which just leaves me to say thanks Best Mate for sharing yourself with the horse racing world. It wouldn t have been the same without you.

BEIJING, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday talked with International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde on the phone upon her request about the global economic and financial situation and that in China.

Li said that the world economy, which is in the middle of deep adjustments, remains in a complicated situation, weighed down by a weak recovery and rising uncertainties. An international consensus has emerged on the need to bolster growth, take forward restructuring and enhance cooperation.

Li said that China's economy has been deeply integrated into the global economy. Alongside the slow-down in growth of the world economy and trade and heightened volatility in international financial markets [url=]Cheap Baltimore Orioles Jerseys[/url] , China's ability to deliver a medium-high growth of 6.9 percent, solid employment, higher income and savings growth than gross domestic product, and steadily improving environment last year came as no mean feat.

The Chinese premier pointed out that reform holds the key to China's development.

In the face of downward pressure on the global economy and deep-seated imbalances at home, China will toughen its resolve, rise to the challenge [url=]Cheap Orioles Jerseys[/url] , and tap into the huge potential, resilience and room for maneuvering of the Chinese economy through a combination of policy measures, he said.

"While expanding aggregate demand in an appropriate way, we will vigorously pursue structural reform, particularly supply-side structural reforms," he said.

The premier said China will continue to implement a proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy [url=]Orioles Eddie Murray Jersey[/url] , push forward the innovation-driven development strategy, and encourage mass entrepreneurship and innovation to unleash people's enthusiasm and creativity.

All these will help to generate new and stronger impetus for development and upgrade traditional growth drivers, making it possible for China to maintain continued steady growth of its economy, he said.

When talking about the RMB exchange rate, Li stressed that the Chinese government has no intention of boosting exports by devaluing the yuan. Still less would China go for a trade war. The fact is the RMB exchange rate has remained basically stable against a basket of currencies. And there is no basis for continuous depreciation of the RMB.

"We will press ahead with the reform of the RMB exchange rate formation mechanism in line with the principles of independence, gradualism and controllability [url=]Orioles Jim Palmer Jersey[/url] , enhance communication with the market, and keep the RMB exchange rate basically stable at an adaptive and equilibrium level," he said.

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